Non-calculating Time Recorders:

  TIMEMASTER TM950 Time Recorder
If you are looking for a Dependable Time Recorder that offers Versatility and Accurate Time Keeping in a variety of environments, including Manufacturing, Retail, Office, Hospitality etc, Then TimeMaster TM950 is the ideal choice for your Business. Large and Clear LCD display for easy viewing. Two colors (RED/BLACK) Print to Highlight Late and Early attendance. Standard In / Out with 6 columns printing. Auto delivery of Time Card within card slot. Has External Siren Connection available. Desktop or Wall Mounted. Selectable Day line Change Time. 3 Year memory protection from data programming with built in lithium battery. 12 Month manufacturers warranty. No installation involved, just mounts to wall by three screws. Print position can also be shifted manually from In to Out by using the buttons on top of clock. This is a Time and Attendance Recorder only. It can't be used for logging Jobs.

User friendly Quartz Time Recorder (Non Calculating)

  SEIKO QUARTZ TP-20 Time Recorder
Seiko's TP-20 Time Recorder, the most advanced Time/Date/Numbering Time Recorder, has arrived. Successor to the popular TP-10 Time Clock, the new TP-20 has made another gigantic progress in functions and offers more convenient and versatile features. User-friendly front panel button operation enables you to easily set the clock to your desired mode. The TP-20 Time Recorder is a new ideal choice for every business application where you need to record time, date, and /or numbering. Virtually maintenance free (Only part that needs replacing is a ribbon cassette). Can be used for logging On and Off Jobs.
  SEIKO QUARTZ QR-375 Calculating Time Recorder
The high-featured QR-375 calculating time recorder was developed for easy payroll operation. It offers you daily elapsed time calculation between IN and OUT time and it’s accumulation per pay period. Insert your encoded time card and your periodical present time is shown. The QR-375 is the world’s best-featured calculating time recorder of its class. Cannot be used for logging jobs. Maximum employee capacity 50.



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